Sìchuān Jiǔjiā

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Sìchuān Jiǔjiā information

Nánjīng , China
171 Taiping Nanlu
meals from ¥15
Opening hours
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Rub shoulders with locals in the cheap, local dining area on the ground floor: there’s yánshuǐ yā (盐水鸭; Nánjīng pressed duck), dàndànmiàn (担担面; spicy noodles), chā shāo (叉烧; pork slices; ¥10), jiānjiǎo (煎饺; fried dumplings); Suāncàiyú (酸菜鱼; fish and cabbage soup). Other Sìchuān dishes are on the smarter and dearer 2nd floor. There’s no English sign, so look for the bright-red building and the sign with dancing chilli peppers.