Chángshā Municipal Museum

Chángshā Municipal Museum information

Chángshā , China
538 Bayi Lu
Getting there
Metro: Yingbin Road
Opening hours
9am-5pm Tue-Sun
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A colossal statue of Mao Zedong affably greets you at the entrance. It’s the first clue that despite the paintings, ceramics and jade on display, this museum is really a shrine; note the huge portrait of a young Mao with shafts of light emanating from his head above the entrance.

The museum also houses the former site of the Húnán CCP Committee (中共湘区委员会旧址; Zhōng Gòng Xiāngqū Wěiyuánhuì Jiùzhǐ), where Mao lived from 1921 to 1923 while secretly running the local CCP.