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Getting there & away




Yíchāng’s main long-distance bus station (chángtú qìchēzhàn; 644 5314; Dongshan Dadao) is located southeast of the train station. Services run to Wǔhàn (Hànkǒu and Wǔchāng; Y80 to Y115, regular), Lìchuān (Y100, once daily), Xiāngfán (Y60, regular), Nánchāng (Y185, once daily), Chángshā (Y117, once daily) and Shànghǎi (Y350, once daily). Long-distance services also depart from the main ferry terminal; buses include Wǔhàn (Y60, hourly), Zhèngzhōu Y119, once daily) Shànghǎi (Y350, once daily) and the Dàgōngqiáo ferry terminal.


Yíchāng’s train station sits atop a punishing flight of steps at the intersection of Dongshan Dadao and Yunji Lu.

Services run to Chángshā (Y194), Hànkǒu (Y94), Xiāngfán (hard seat Y31), Zhāngjiājiè (Y56), Luòyáng (Y90), Zhèngzhōu (Y145), Xī’ān (Y150), Běijīng West (Y298), Shànghǎi (Y330) and elsewhere.

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Most river stop ferries stop at the Yichang Ferry Terminal (Yíchāng Gǎng Kèyùnzhàn; 622 4354), where tickets are sold. Upstream services include Wànzhōu and Chóngqìng (Y110 to Y770); downstream services are more unreliable and erratic but include Wǔhàn (Hànkǒu; Y46 to Y491, 23 hours), Jiǔjiāng (Y71 to Y703, 31 hours), Nánjīng (from Y104, 50 hours) and Shànghǎi (Y148 to Y1248, 65 hours). River ferries also stop at the Dàgōngqiáo bus and ferry terminal west of the main ferry terminal.

A speedy hydrofoil service reaches Wànzhōu (six hours) and Chóngqìng (11 hours) from the hydrofoil terminal that is west of town (take bus 3, one hour); boats to Wànzhōu are more frequent as the expressway now links Wànzhōu with Chóngqìng. Tickets can be bought at either of the ferry terminals.

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The Three Gorges Airport is 25km southeast of town, with daily flights to Běijīng (Y1300), Shànghǎi (Y1080), Xī’ān (Y840) and other cities. Ticket offices are dotted around near the train station and ferry terminals.

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