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Flights to Hong Kong

The best price found from United States to Hong Kong is on February 13th, 2017, travelling with Aeroflot. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Dulles
from $460.00
Hong Kong International

Getting around by air

There are flights between Hong Kong and around 50 cities in mainland China, including Běijīng, Chéngdū, Kūnmíng and Shànghǎi. One-way fares are a bit more than half the return price. The national carrier is Air China.

Cathay Pacific From Hong Kong, with connections to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Dragonair Owned by Cathay Pacific, Dragonair specialises in regional flights and flies to 20 cities in mainland China.

Hong Kong Airlines Cheaper airline that specialises in regional routes, including 22 cities in mainland China.

Hong Kong International Airport

Designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster, the Hong Kong International Airport is on Chek Lap Kok, a largely reclaimed area off Lantau’s northern coast. Highways, bridges (including the 2.2km-long Tsing Ma Bridge, one of the world’s longest suspension bridges) and a fast train link the airport with Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

The two terminals have a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes, ATMs and moneychangers.

Hong Kong Hotels Association Counters are located inside the Buffer Halls. HKHA deals with midrange and top-end hotels only and does not handle hostels, guesthouses or other budget accommodation.

China Travel Service Has four counters in the terminals, including one in Arrivals Hall A which issues China visas (normally takes one working day).

Transport Options

Airport Express

Airport Express line is the fastest (and most expensive, other than a taxi) way to get to and from the airport.

Departures From 5.54am to 12.48am for Central, calling at Kowloon station in Jordan, Tsing Yi island en route; the full trip takes 24 minutes. Tickets are available from vending machines at the airport and train stations.

Fares Return fares, valid for a month, cost HK$180/160/110. Children three to 11 years pay half-price. An Airport Express Travel Pass allows three days of unlimited travel on the MTR and Light Rail and one-way/return trips on the Airport Express (HK$250/350).

Shuttle buses Airport Express also has two shuttle buses on Hong Kong Island (H1 and H2) and five in Kowloon (K1 to K5), with free transfers for passengers between Central and Kowloon stations and major hotels. The buses run every 12 to 20 minutes between 6.12am and 11.12pm. Schedules and routes are available at Airport Express and MTR stations and on the Airport Express website.


There are good bus links to/from the airport. These buses have plenty of room for luggage, and announcements are usually made in English, Cantonese and Mandarin notifying passengers of hotels at each stop. For more details on the routes, check the Transport section at www.hkairport.com.

Departures Buses run every 10 to 30 minutes from about 6am to between midnight and 1am. There are also quite a few night buses (designated ‘N’).

Fares Major hotel and guesthouse areas on Hong Kong Island are served by the A11 (HK$40) and A12 (HK$45) buses; the A21 (HK$33) covers similar areas in Kowloon. Bus drivers in Hong Kong do not give change, but it is available at the ground transportation centre at the airport, as are Octopus cards. Normal returns are double the one-way fare. Unless otherwise stated, children aged between three and 11 years and seniors over 65 pay half-fare.

Tickets Buy your ticket at the booth near the airport bus stand.


There are limousine service counters in the arrivals hall and at the ground transportation centre, including Parklane Limousine Service and Intercontinental Hire Cars. In a car seating up to four people, expect to pay HK$650 to HK$850 to destinations in Hong Kong Island and urban Kowloon and from HK$600 to HK$1500 to the New Territories.