Good Spring Co

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Hong Kong , China
Street Cochrane St
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Lonely Planet review

So you’re feeling a bit peaky. Below par. Liverish even. Why not see if a Chinese herbalist can pep you up? Might we suggest the Good Spring Co , directly beneath the Escalator in Central Hong Kong? First for the consultation: you will be asked a few questions, your pulse will be taken and then your tongue examined to reveal how balanced your humours are and whether you have too much heat or cold in your constitution. According to the prognosis the tonic will very likely be a medicinal tea. This may be a simple herbal infusion or something containing more exotic ingredients. Some are helpfully described in the window, such as powdered deer’s horn, monkey’s visceral organs (the latter invaluable if you need to ‘remove excessive sputum’) and deer’s tail (a marvel if you need to ‘strengthen sinews’ or ‘treat the seminal emission’). Other ingredients might include desiccated deer’s penis, dinosaur teeth or horse bezoars (gallstone-like balls formed in horses’ stomachs, and the herbalist’s poison antidote of choice). Whatever the ingredients, the resulting brew is invariably dark brown, sour in smell and bitter to taste. Drink up now.