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Hong Kong , China
+852 3446 1163
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9am-5pm daily
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Ma Wan was once famous as the gateway to Kowloon, where foreign ships would drop anchor before entering Chinese waters. If you want to get away from it all Ma Wan, a flat, rapidly developing island between the northeastern tip of Lantau and the New Territories, is hardly the place to go. It has a couple of temples devoted to Tin Hau, a long beach on the east coast at Tung Wan and a massive, high-end residential community called Park Island. Basically you’re here to view some startling engineering feats (the Lantau Link) and perhaps to visit Ma Wan Park , an appealing park and open space that also serves as an education centre focusing on nature, energy use and the environment. You can’t fail to notice Noah’s Ark, a ‘lifesize’ version of the biblical craft with plastic versions of the world’s animals strolling down the gangplank.