Chuk Lam Sim Monastery

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Lonely Planet review

In a lovely bucolic setting, Chuk Lam Sim (Bamboo Forest) Monastery is one of the most impressive temple complexes in Hong Kong. The temple was completed in 1932 when (legend has it) Tou Tei, the earth god, told an elderly monk to build it. Ascend the flight of steps to the first temple, walk to the back and enter the second. This second temple contains three of the largest golden Buddhas in the territory. Flanking the trio on either side is an equally impressive line-up of 12 Bodhisattvas. The third temple contains another large image of Lord Gautama.

The monastery is northeast of Tsuen Wan MTR station. To reach it, take green minibus 85 from Shiu Wo St, which is two blocks due south of the MTR station (exit B1).