Plover Cove Reservoir

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Plover Cove , China
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bus 75K
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Lonely Planet review

Part of the Hong Kong Geopark, this vast reservoir was completed in 1968, in a very unusual way. Rather than build a dam across a river, of which Hong Kong has very few, a barrier was erected across the mouth of a great bay. The sea water was siphoned out and fresh water – mostly piped in from the mainland – was pumped in.

The area around Plover Cove Reservoir is glorious hiking and cycling country, and well worth at least a full day’s exploring.

The village of Tai Mei Tuk, the springboard for most of the activities in the Plover Cove area, is about 6km northeast of Tai Po Market East Rail station. Bicycles can be rented at several locations in Tai Mei Tuk, including Lung Kee Bikes. A bicycle track along the coast runs from Tai Mei Tuk to Chinese University at Ma Liu Shui. Ting Kok Rd in Lung Mei Village is also where you’ll find a row of popular restaurants.

The Plover Cove Country Park Visitor Centre, a short distance further east from the car park on Ting Kok Rd, is where the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail to Bride’s Pool starts.