Tai Miu Temple

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Clearwater Bay Peninsula , China
+852 2519 9155
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Minibu S: 16
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This far-flung temple further south along Tai Au Mun Rd is one of the most important Tin Hau temples in the territory. Built in the 13th century by two Fujianese in gratitude to the goddess for saving them during a sea storm, the temple was restored in 2009 and is the prime celebration venue during the Tin Hau Birthday Festival .

Just behind the temple is a Song-dynasty rock carving dating from 1274 and recording both the visit of a superintendent of the Salt Administration and the history of two temples in Joss House Bay. It is the oldest inscription extant in Hong Kong.

From Tai Miu, hikers can follow the 6.6km-long High Junk Peak Country Trail up to Tin Ha Shan (273m) and then continue on to High Junk Peak (Tiu Yu Yung; 344m) before heading eastward back to Tai Au Mun.