Hénán Provincial Museum

Hénán Provincial Museum information

Zhèngzhōu , China
8 Nongye Lu, 农业路8号
English audio tour ¥20, deposit ¥200
Opening hours
9am-5pm Tue-Sun, to 5.30pm in summer
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The excellent collection here ranges from the artistry of Shang-dynasty bronzes, oracle bones, relics from the Yīn ruins in Ānyáng, to gorgeous Ming and Qing porcelain and pottery specimens. The dioramas of Song-dynasty Kāifēng and the magnificent, and now obliterated, Tang-dynasty imperial palace at Luòyáng serve to underscore that the bulk of Hénán’s glorious past is at one with Nineveh and Tyre. English captions. Take your passport as ID for admission.

The museum is around 2km north of Jinshui Lu. Buses 96, 61, 69 and 39 pass by; a taxi will cost ¥25.