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Getting there & away




Regular buses run to Zhèngzhōu (Y11, every 15 minutes, 6am to 7pm) and Luòyáng (Y35, 8am to 2.30pm) from the west long-distance bus station. Other destinations include Ānyáng (Y24, three hours) and Xīnxiāng (Y18.50, 1½ to two hours). Buses to similar destinations also leave from the south long-distance bus station (opposite the train station).


Kāifēng is on the railway line between Xī’ān and Shànghǎi so trains are frequent, but sleeper tickets can be scarce, so consider leaving from Zhèngzhōu. If time is tight or tickets in short supply, try the rail ticket office (tiělù piàowù zhōngxīn; 396 6888; Yingbin Lu; 8am-noon & 2-5pm), next to CITS, for trains from Zhèngzhōu and board the train at Kāifēng (but check the train stops here). Express trains to Zhèngzhōu take about one hour (Y12). Eight trains a day run to Shànghǎi (12 hours). Other destinations include Xī’ān, Héféi, Hángzhōu, Běijīng West and Jǐ’nán.

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The nearest airport is at Zhèngzhōu.

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