Former Site of Kāifēng Synagogue

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Former Site of Kāifēng Synagogue information

Kāifēng , China
Jiefang Rd Tujie Section; 解放路土街段
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Sadly, nothing remains of the synagogue – finally swept away in mid-19th century floodwaters – except a well with an iron lid in the boiler room of the Kaifeng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (开封中医院, Kāifēng Zhōngyīyuàn), which may allow you to examine it. The spirit of the synagogue lingers, however, in the name of the brick alley immediately south of the hospital – Jiaojing Hutong (教经胡同, Teaching the Torah Alley).

A local English-speaking guide (137 8115 2704; familiar with local Jewish history lives in the house with the blue sign. Send an email prior to visiting if you intend to engage her guide services or want an extended chat.