Shānshǎngān Guild Hall

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Shānshǎngān Guild Hall information

Kāifēng , China
85 Xufu Jie, 徐府街85号
admission ¥30
Opening hours
8.30am-6.30pm summer, 8.20am-5pm winter
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This tiny, elaborately styled guild hall was built as a lodging and meeting place during the Qing dynasty by an association of merchants from Shānxi (山西), Shǎnxi (陕西; Shaanxi) and Gānsù (甘肃) provinces. Note the ornate carvings on the roofs, and delve into the exhibition on historic Kāifēng. Check out the fascinating diorama of the old Song city – with its palace in the centre of town – and compare it with a model of modern Kāifēng.

Also look out for the scale-model recreation of Zhang Zeduan’s famed Qingming painting.