Dìyīlóu Bāozi Guǎn

restaurants / Fast food

Dìyīlóu Bāozi Guǎn information

Kāifēng , China
8 Sihou Jie
10 dumplings Y12
Opening hours
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Famed for its bāozi (包子; meat-filled buns), this cavernous Kaīfēng institution at the centre of town has been in business for years. With cabbage, mushroom and bamboo shoots, the egg soup (鸡蛋汤; jīdàn tāng; Y10) alone can feed an army, while the xiǎolóngbāo (小笼包; Y12 a steamer), yángròu bāozi (羊肉包子; lamb buns) or hǎimǐ bāozi (海米包子; shrimp buns) are all tasty. Sit back with a Bianjing Old Beer (Y12) and listen to evening singers crooning soppy songs.