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Wǔdàlián Chí

Getting there & away

Wǔdàlián Chí has a new bus station on the east side of town. A taxi from the station to most hotels will cost Y5.

In summer, direct buses to Wǔdàlián Chí depart daily from Hāěrbīn’s long-distance bus station (Y95, 5½ hours) at 8.30am, 9am, 1.30pm and 4pm. There’s also a direct bus daily in summer from Qíqíhā’ěr (Y40, six hours, 8.30am).

Otherwise, you have to travel first to Běi’ān (), where you change for a bus to Wǔdàlián Chí. Several trains to Běi’ān run from Hāěrbīn (Y25, 5½ to six hours) or Qíqíhā’ěr (Y27, four hours). Fast buses also travel between Hāěrbīn and Běi’ān (Y52, 4½ hours, six daily). Běi’ān’s bus station is one block from the train station.

In Běi’ān buses depart frequently for Wǔdàlián Chí (Y11, 1½ hours). In spring and fall, buses leave Běi’ān at 10.50am, 12.40pm, 3.30pm; in summer there are at least eight buses daily in both directions.

From Běi’ān buses north to Hēihé (Y49, 3½ hours) depart at 8.30am, 11am and 1.30pm; trains to Hēihé are much slower (Y32, six hours).

Wǔdàlián Chí