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Getting there & away

All the large hotels can book airline and train tickets.




The main long-distance bus station is directly opposite the train station. Buses leave for Mǔdānjiāng at least every 30 minutes (Y60 to Y81, four hours). Other buses run hourly to Qíqíhā’ěr (Y61, 3½ hours) and throughout the day to Jílín (Y61, four hours) and Shěnyáng (Y140, 6½ hours).

At the time of writing, a new international bus service was slated to begin operating between Hāěrbīn and Vladivostok; check at the long-distance bus station for details.


Hāěrbīn is a major rail transport hub with routes throughout the northeast and beyond.

To Běijīng, there’s also a nightly express train, the Z16 (Y429 soft-sleeper only), which departs at 8.27pm and arrives the next morning at 7.07am.

Trains depart from Hāěrbīn to Vladivostok via Suífēnhé on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Travellers on the Trans-Siberian Railway to or from Moscow can start or finish in Hāěrbīn (six days). Contact the Hāěrbīn Railway International Tourist Agency (Hāěrbīn Tiědào Guójì Lǚxíngshè; 7th fl, Kūnlún Fàndiàn, 8 Tielu Jie) for information on travelling through to Russia. CITS may also be able to help.

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Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC; Zhōngguó Mínháng; 8262 7070; 101 Zhongshan Lu) is in the CAAC Hotel.

Both Air China and Asiana Airlines (www.flyasiana.com) fly nonstop to Seoul (Y3200, 2½ hours). China Southern has flights to Khabarovsk (Y1800, 1½ hours) in Siberia and to Vladivostok (1¼ hours). Russian carrier Vladivostok Avia (8228 9471; www.vladavia.ru) flies between Hāěrbīn and Vladivostok (1¼ hours) on Tuesdays and Fridays.

From Hāěrbīn, you can fly to a huge number of domestic destinations, including Běijīng (Y960, one hour and 50 minutes), Shànghǎi (Y1780, two hours and 40 minutes), Shēnzhèn (Y2700, six hours) and Dàlián (Y840, 1½ hours).

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