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Much of Zhèngdìng’s main street (Yanzhao Dajie) has been restored and is now a pleasant stretch of traditional Chinese roofing, brickwork and willows called the Zhèngdìng Historical Culture Street (正定历史文化街; Zhèngdìng Lìshǐ Wénhuà Jiē). At the southern end of the street is Chánglè Gate , also known as Nánchéngmén or South Gate. The original wall (which dates back to the Northern Zhou) was made up of an outer wall (yuèchéng) and an inner wall (nèichéng), with enceintes (wèngchéng), and had a total length of 24km. You can climb onto Chánglè Gate and view a few dilapidated remains of the wall.