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Shānhǎiguān , China
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The vaguely interesting 18th-century Wang Family Courtyard House is a large residence with an amateur display of period furnishings.

The wall attached to North Gate has been partially restored. The city gates once had circular enceintes attached to them, as you can see at the East Gate. The excavated outlines outside the West Gate (西门; Xī Mén) are discernible, as are slabs of the original Ming-dynasty road lying 1m below the current level of the ground.

The Dàbēi Pavilion in the northwest of town has been rebuilt, as has the Taoist Sānqīng Temple , which is a half-mile walk outside the walls from the west gate. Shānghǎiguān’s Drum Tower (鼓楼; Gǔlóu) has been similarly rebuilt, with a liberal scattering of newly constructed páilóu running off east and west along Xi Dajie and Dong Dajie.

The Taoist Mèngjiāngnǚ Temple is a large and handsome Song–Ming reconstruction 6km east of Shānhǎiguān. A round trip in a taxi is ¥50.