Pǔlè Temple

sights / Religious

Pǔlè Temple information

Chéngdé , China
admission incl Hammer Rock ¥50
Opening hours
8am-5.30pm Apr-Oct, 8.30am-4.30pm Nov-Mar
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This peaceful temple was built in 1776 for the visits of minority envoys (Kazakhs among them). At the rear of the temple is the unusual Round Pavilion, reminiscent of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests at Běijīng’s Temple of Heaven Park. Inside is an enormous wooden mandala (a geometric representation of the universe).

It’s a 30-minute walk to Hammer Rock (磬锤峰; Qìngchuí Fēng) from Pǔlè Temple – the club-shaped rock is visible for miles around and is said to resemble a kind of musical hammer. There is pleasant hiking and offers commanding views of the area. If you don't fancy the hike, take the chairlift instead.

Bus 10 (¥1), from in front of Mountain Villa Hotel , will take you to the chairlift (return ¥50) for Hammer Rock.