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Zūnyì , China
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Zūnyì's CCP sights have had some serious facelifts – as has the neighbourhood surrounding them, with much being knocked down to 'recreate' what it looked like in the 1930s .

There are a dozen or so spots to see, but only a few are truly worthwhile. Admission is free to all of them, but you'll need to show your passport to get a ticket from the office by the Zūnyì Conference Site.

The Zūnyì Conference Site is hands down the most-visited attraction and by far the most comprehensive. Set in a colonial-style house, there are rooms filled with CCP memorabilia, lots of photo exhibits (check out the floppy hair Mao was modelling back in the early 1930s), details about the Long March and the Conference, as well as the meeting rooms and living quarters of the bigwigs. Sadly, the only English captions are 'Don't Touch' and 'Please Keep Off the Grass'.

The Red Army General Political Department (红军总政治部旧址; Hóngjūn Zǒng- zhèngzhìbù Jiùzhǐ), in a lane off Ziyin Lu, is close by in a courtyard residence, which shares the grounds with an attractive, disused Catholic church (天主教堂) left behind by French missionaries.

Opposite is the Residence of Bo Gu (博古旧居; Bógǔ Jiùjū), the general leader of the CCP Central Committee at the time of the Zunyi Conference. Nearby, the State Bank of the Red Army (红军银行; Hóngjūn Yínháng), which was closed for repairs at the time of writing, has some terrific money displays and decent English captions.