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Getting there & away




Most travellers arrive in Yángshuò via Guìlín, from where there are good connections to both domestic and international destinations.

Buses leave Guìlín for Yángshuò, every 20 minutes from 7am to 8pm from the main bus station and in front of the train station; express buses take one hour (Y13) regular buses take 1½ hours (Y10).

Moving on from Yángshuò other options include express buses to Guǎngzhōu (Y100, eight hours), Wúzhōu (Y110, seven hours) and Shēnzhèn (Y220, nine hours).

Cheaper ancient sleepers still ply many of these routes from the bus station; however, they’re smoky, haphazard and excruciatingly slow.


The nearest train station is in Guìlín. Almost any café or travel outfit around Yángshuò will organise train tickets. Some offer hard sleepers for high-demand routes such as Guìlín to Kūnmíng for Y170 to Y270 (depending on the time of year) plus Y50 commission. To get any of these tickets you’ll have to book at least two to three days in advance or further ahead during holidays.

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The closest airport is in Guìlín; the numerous CITS outlets and many cafés dispense air tickets relatively cheaply. Cafés and hotels can organise taxi rides from Yángshuò directly to the airport (Y150, one hour).

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