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Getting around

Yángshuò itself is small enough to walk around, but hiring a bicycle is perhaps the local must-do. Average prices are Y10 per day. You’ll see bikes for rent everywhere. Many places also charge a deposit. Thoroughly check gears, brakes, tyres, handle bars and cranks. The farmers’ paths around Yángshuò put all bikes to the test and could leave you stranded miles away from your deposit. There have also been some ugly situations when travellers have been accused of returning bikes ‘broken’; if this happens, don’t expect the PSB to take your side.

Think twice if you’re asked to fork over a Y400 deposit that’s waived only if you agree to a ‘private’ bike tour costing anywhere from Y20 to Y60. Some travellers who’ve agreed say they’ve felt hijacked by the guides who were paid to take them to particular sights whether the travellers wanted to see them or not.