Guǎngxī Museum

Guǎngxī Museum information

Nánníng , China
cnr Minzu Dadao & Gucheng Lu; 民族大道古城路的路口
Getting there
Metro: Minzu Guangchang
Opening hours
9am-4.30pm Tue-Sun
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This fairly interesting but very dated museum showcases Qing ceramics, art and calligraphy with Guǎngxī characteristics, and the customs of ethnic minorities. The collection of ancient copper drums is one of China's best. On the ground floor, the traditional handicrafts shop (广西传统工艺展示馆) has great souvenirs. The garden out back is a welcome highlight, with a reproduction Wind and Rain Bridge , where you can also dine.

English captions veer between the excellent ('Ceramics are the crystallization of fire and earth') and entirely nonexistent.