Āmóu Meǐshí

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Lonely Planet review

Well, this is a chain but this branch really stands out. Housed on the picturesque Wind and Rain Bridge behind Guangxi Provincial Museum, this restaurant has a beautiful, leafy garden as its backdrop. It dishes out various tribal food of the region. You may not know those ethnic minorities, but you'll sure like their grub. Try the Miao's zhūxiāng fish (苗家竹香鱼; miáojiā zhūxiāngyú; Y68). Other mouth-watering dishes include roasted eggplant in Tai style (傣家茄子; dǎijiā qiézi; Y25) and shredded Lí River duck (手撕漓江鸭; shǒusī líjiāngyā; Y38). No English menu.