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Getting there & away




For short local runs such as Yángshuò (Y10, one hour) and Xīng’ān (Y8 to Y12, two hours), buses depart from in front of the train station as well as from the main bus station.

Guìlín’s bus station (Zhongshan Nanlu) is north of the train station. Hourly buses run to Lóngshèng (Y22, 1½ hours). There are several buses to Sānjiāng (Y39, five hours) between 6am and 7.30pm. Expresses to Quánzhōu leave every hour (Y10, one hour). Frequent buses also leave for Nánníng (Y80 to Y110, four to 4½ hours) every 15 minutes.

To Guǎngzhōu and Shēnzhèn, express and sleeper buses are available, however, the expresses are usually more reliable and smoother. Express buses head for Guǎngzhōu six times daily (Y100, nine hours) and to Shēnzhèn at 8pm and 9.30pm (Y220, 10 hours). Buses for Wúzhōu leave five times daily (Y110, eight hours).


Guìlín is not as convenient as Nánníng for train connections (not much starts here) and tickets are harder to come by. Outside national holidays, you might be lucky, but be prepared to wait an extra day or two for hard-sleeper tickets.

Direct train services include train T6 to Běijīng (3.06pm, hard sleeper Y449, 22 hours), K36/7 to Guǎngzhōu (6pm, Y229, 11 hours), K198 to Shànghǎi (2.08pm, Y400, 25 hours) and train K316 to Xī’ān (5.25pm, Y356, 25 hours). For Chóngqìng and Chéngdū, change trains at Guìyáng (or start in Nánníng).

To Kūnmíng, train 2055 departs at 8.52am and takes 22 hours (Y237); this is the only train that starts here, and the others can be tough to land tickets for. Consider a worthwhile trip to Nánníng to hop on the direct Nánkūn line (15 hours).

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CAAC (384 7252; 7.30am-8.30pm) is at the corner of Shanghai Lu and Minzhu Lu. You’ll find Dragonair (282 5588, ext 8895) in the Bravo Hotel.

Guìlín is supremely well connected to the rest of China (and beyond) by air. Destinations include Běijīng (Y1920), Chéngdū (Y1100), Chóngqìng (Y860), Hǎikǒu (Y840), Guǎngzhōu (Y790), Guìyáng (Y710), Hong Kong (Y1895), Kūnmíng (Y970), Shànghǎi (Y1430) and Xī’ān (Y1220). Seats may be available for next-day purchase; shop around travel agents for discounted tickets.

International destinations include regular flights to Seoul (Hànchéng) and Fukoka, Japan (Fúgāng). Less frequent flights also go to Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; more and more international flights are being added.

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