Elephant Trunk Hill

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Guìlín , China
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At the southern end of Guìlín where the Lí River and the Táohuā River converge, one of Guìlín's best-promoted sights is Elephant Hill Park , where Elephant Trunk Hill – unlike other misshapen lumps of rock with tenuous names extracted from Chinese myth – indeed resembles a proboscidean mammal dipping its snout into the Lí River. Visit Water Moon Cave (水月洞; Shuǐyuè Dòng) and head up the peak walk to Pǔxián Pagoda (普贤塔; Pǔxián Tǎ) for views of the park and the picturesque Lí River.

Cormorant fishing in the Lí River is a popular tourist drawcard. Take bus 2 or freebie buses 57 or 58 to the hill.