Former Residence of Tong Shaoyi

Former Residence of Tong Shaoyi information

Zhūhǎi , China
99 Fangshang Lu
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To the north of Xiāngzhōu, two sites are worth discovering in the labyrinth-like suburb of Tángjiāwān ( 唐家湾 ). Tangjia Public Garden was a private estate of the first premier of the Republic of China, Tong Shaoyi, in 1900. Now it is a tranquil garden preserving various old growth and rare species from South China. Take bus 10 on Yingbin Dadao and alight at Tangjia Market (Tángjiāshìcháng). A taxi from Gǒngběi to here is around Y60. The ticket to the garden includes admission to the nearby Former Residence of Tong Shaoyi , where this statesman was born. It’s accessible from the south gate of the garden.