West Lake Spring

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West Lake Spring information

Shēnzhèn , China
Street 3019 Sungang Lu
Extras 2nd-3rd fl, Parkway Tower
+86 755 8211 6988
Getting there
bus 18, get off at Xīhú Bīnguǎn
dishes ¥21-180
Opening hours
lunch & dinner
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Lonely Planet review

This Hángzhōu restaurant gets the thumbs-up from locals. There’s an English-less menu with pictures. The signature dishes, Lóngjǐng Xiārén ( 龙井虾仁; stir-fried freshwater shrimp with Longjing tea leaves; Y78) and Sòngsǎo Yúgēng ( 宋嫂鱼羹; yellow croaker fish soup; small/large Y38/48), deserve savouring.