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Getting around by air

China Southern Airlines The office of the major airline serving Guǎngzhōu is southeast of Guǎngzhōu Railway Station. Frequent flights to major cities in China include Guìlín, Shànghǎi and Běijīng; also numerous international destinations.

Báiyún International Airport

Báiyún International Airport About 28km north of the city.

Transport Options

Airport shuttle buses (¥17 to ¥32, 35 to 70 minutes, every 20 to 30 minutes, 5am to 11pm) leave from half a dozen locations, including the Garden Hotel and Tiānhé bus station. A taxi to/from the airport will cost about ¥150.

Metro line 2 links the airport’s south terminal (Airport South station; Jīchǎng Nán) and Guǎngzhōu East station. The ride takes 40 minutes (¥8, 6.10am to 11pm), or 70 minutes to Běijīng Lù station.