Xīnhài Revolution Museum

Xīnhài Revolution Museum information

Guǎngzhōu , China
Junxiao Lu, Huángpǔ Qū
+86 20 8252 5897
Getting there
Metro: Dàxuéchéng Běi
Bus: 383, 430
Opening hours
9am-5pm Tue-Sun
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The 18,000-sq-metre museum has some 7,000 well-curated but propaganda-ish exhibits on the revolution, famous Cantonese revolutionaries, and the life of Sun Wan, Sun Yatsen’s daughter. Take bus 383 or 430 and disembark at Chángzhōujie, or take line 4 of the metro and get off at Dàxuéchéng Běi, then take bus 383 to Chángzhōujie and walk for five minutes.

Locals can take you there on motorbikes from anywhere on the island for under ¥15.