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Wǔyí Shān

Getting there & away

Wǔyí Shān has air links to Běijīng (Y1350, two hours), Shànghǎi (Y660, one hour), Fúzhōu (Y490, 35 minutes), Xiàmén (Y590, 50 minutes), Guǎngzhōu (Y890, 1½ hours) and Hong Kong (Y1300, two hours).

Frequent buses go to Xiàmén (Y159), Fúzhōu (Y90) and Shàowǔ (Y15, 1½ hours). The other long-distance bus station is in the northwest part of Wǔyí Shān city. Daily buses go south to Fúzhōu (Y86, eight hours), northeast to Wēnzhōu (Y138, 12 hours) and Nánpíng (Y37, three hours), and north to Shàngráo (Y26, two hours) in Jiāngxī.

Direct trains go to Wǔyí Shān from Quánzhōu (Y149, 11 hours) and Xiàmén (Y149, 14 hours).