Nine Twists River

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Wǔyí Shān , China
boat rides ¥130
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One of the highlights for visitors to Wǔyí Shān is floating down the river on bamboo rafts (zhúpái) fitted with rattan chairs. Departing from Xīngcūn (星村), a short bus ride west of the resort area, the trip down the river takes over an hour and brings you through some magnificent gorge scenery, with sheer rock cliffs and lush green vegetation.

One of the mysteries of Wǔyí Shān is the cavities, carved out of the rock faces at great heights, which once held boat-shaped coffins. Scientists have dated some of these artefacts back 3000 years. If you’re taking a raft down the river, it’s possible to see some remnants of these coffins on the west cliff face of the fourth meander, also known as Small Storing Place Peak (小藏山峰; Xiǎozàngshān Fēng).