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Wǔyí Shān/China

Introducing Wǔyí Shān

Wǔyí Shān, in the far northwest corner of Fújiàn, has some of the most spectacular, unspoilt scenery in the province. With its plentiful rivers, waterfalls, mountains and protected forests, it’s a terrific place for those looking to do some hiking or exploring. It’s a popular place for Chinese tourists but if you come midweek or in the off-season (November, March and April) you might have the area to yourself. One word of caution: Wǔyí Shān resort has a notorious reputation for ripping off tourists, so stay alert.

The scenic area lies on the west bank of Chongyang Stream (Chóngyáng Xī), and some accommodation is located along its shore. Most of the hotels are concentrated in the resort district (dù jià qū) on the east side of the river. The main settlement is Wǔyí Shān city, about 10km to the northeast, with the train station and airport roughly halfway between.