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Getting there & around

The long-distance bus station (kèyùn xīn zhàn) is in the southern corner of town on the intersection of Wenling Nanlu and Quanxiu Jie, and serves destinations as far away as Shànghǎi and Guǎngzhōu. Deluxe buses go to Xiàmén (Y19 to Y32, two hours) and Fúzhōu (Y34 to Y41, 3½ hours). Some buses to Fúzhōu leave from the Overseas Chinese Hotel rather than at the bus station. You can buy tickets at the hotel ticket office.

The railway station is in the northeast of town. For Wǔyí Shān (Y149 hard sleeper, 11½ hours) there is an early-morning train that leaves Quánzhōu at 6.30am and gets into Wǔyí Shān at 5pm. There are no overnight trains to Wǔyí Shān.

Quánzhōu’s most useful bus is bus 2 (Y1), which goes from the bus station to Kaiyuan Temple. Buses 19 and 23 run from the railway station to the centre of town. Taxi flagfall is Y6.