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Flights to Chóngqìng City

The best price found from United States to Chóngqìng City is on November 5th, 2015, travelling with Hainan Airlines. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Seattle / Tacoma International
from $523.00

Getting around by air

Chóngqìng’s Jiāngběi Airport (重庆江北飞机场) is 25km north of the city centre, and connected to the metro system. As always, it’s easiest to book online. Try www.ctrip.com or www.elong.net. Alternatively, buy tickets at the China International Travel Service. Some English is spoken. Because of the high-speed rail link, there are no longer flights between Chóngqìng and Chéngdū. Direct flights include:

Běijīng ¥988, 2½ hours

Kūnmíng ¥531, 70 minutes

Shànghǎi ¥790, 2½ hours

Xī’ān ¥453, 90 minutes

Wǔhàn ¥603, 90 minutes