Luóhàn Sì Arhat Temple

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Luóhàn Sì Arhat Temple information

Chóngqìng City , China
Street Cnr Xinhua Lu & Datong Lu
Extras 新华路和打铜路
admission Y5
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Lonely Planet review

Just a 10-minute walk from Liberation Monument, the 1000-year-old Buddhist Luóhàn Sì Arhat temple stands in stark contrast to the concrete jungle outside its gates. Luóhàn is the Chinese expression of the Sanskrit arhat, which is a Buddhist term for those enlightened disciples who have overcome the bondages of greed, hate and ignorance.

The temple's most striking feature is a long corridor of Song dynasty rock carvings. Among these carvings are a large bronze Buddha and an Indian-style jataka mural of Prince Siddhartha cutting his hair to renounce the world. There are also over 500 terracotta arhats, which could not withstand fires, bombs and pollution, and so have been reincarnated a couple times, most recently in 1986.

Once home to 70 monks, there are only around a couple of dozen ascetics in residence these days.