Nanluogu Xiang

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Běijīng , China
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subway Nanluoguxiang
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Lonely Planet review

Once neglected and ramshackle, strewn with spent coal briquettes in winter and silent bar the hacking coughs of shuffling old-timers and the jangling of bicycle bells, the funky north–south alleyway of Nanluogu Xiang (literally ‘South Gong and Drum Alley’, and roughly pronounced ‘nan-law-goo-syang’ ) has been undergoing evolution since 1999 when Passby Bar first threw open its doors, and was the subject of a complete makeover in 2006. Today, the alley is an insatiably bubbly strip of bars, wi-fi cafes, restaurants, hotels and trendy shops. Don’t miss exploring the quieter alleys, which fan out from the main lane and house Qing-dynasty courtyards as well as hidden cafes, restaurants and bars. Our hútòng walking tour can help here.