Dōngzi Lǘròu Huǒshāo

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Dōngzi Lǘròu Huǒshāo information

Běijīng , China
193-7 Chaoyangmen Nanxiaojie; 朝阳门南小街193-7号
Getting there
Subway: Line 5 to Dengshikou
mains from ¥8
Opening hours
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Small, no-nonsense, but clean restaurant serving some of the best lǘròu huǒshāo (驴肉火烧; donkey-meat pastry pockets; ¥8) in Běijīng; though the donkey portraits on the wall don't help to sell it! Bowls of xiǎomǐ zhōu (小米粥; millet porridge) make an ideal accompaniment, or else just grab a large beer (啤酒; píjiǔ ; ¥5). No English sign or menu, and no English spoken.