Jiǎ 21 Hào Xīnán Mínzú Cài

restaurants / Fusion

Jiǎ 21 Hào Xīnán Mínzú Cài information

Běijīng , China
21 Beitucheng Donglu
+86 10 6489 5066
Getting there
Underground Rail: Huixinxijienankou
meals Y60
Opening hours
lunch & dinner
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It’s slightly off the beaten track, but diners who come here are rewarded with imaginative dishes that take their inspiration from the southwestern cuisine of Yúnnán and Guìzhōu, with a dash of Sìchuān spice. The suān tāng yú (sour fish soup) is worth the trip. The decor, palm trees and concrete walls, as well as the huge ceilings and giant dining area (with a nonsmoking section), is a little bizarre, but don’t let that put you off.