Qiánmén Quánjùdé Roast Duck Restaurant

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Qiánmén Quánjùdé Roast Duck Restaurant information

Běijīng , China
30 Qianmen Dajie; 前门大街30号
+86 10 6701 1379
Getting there
Subway: Qianmen
More information
roast duck ¥238
Opening hours
11am-1.30pm & 4.30pm-8pm
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This is the most popular branch of Běijīng’s most famous destination for duck – check out the photos of everyone from Fidel Castro to Zhang Yimou. The duck, while not the best in town, is roasted in ovens fired by fruit-tree wood, which means the birds have a unique fragrance, as well as being juicy, if slightly fatty.

It's very much geared to the tourist hordes (both domestic and foreign) and the crowds mean it is wise to reserve ahead. Service can be peremptory, while the huge, two-floor venue lacks atmosphere.