Mílún Kungfu School

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Mílún Kungfu School information

Běijīng , China
33 Xitangzi Hutong, 西堂子胡同33号
+86 138 1170 6568
Getting there
Subway: Dengshikou
More information
drop-in rate per class ¥100, 8-class card ¥600
Opening hours
7-8.30pm Mon & Thu, 5-6.30pm Sat & Sun
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Runs classes in various forms of traditional Chinese martial arts from a historic courtyard near Wángfǔjǐng shopping district. In summer, typically in August, classes are held in Rìtán Park. Has set-time drop-in classes, but can arrange individual schedules too. Instruction is in Chinese, but with an English translator.

Note, the courtyard was undergoing extensive renovations at the time of research, but should have reopened again by the time you read this. Hopefully, none of its old-Běijīng charm will have been lost.