Eastern Steps

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Lonely Planet review

A medium-fast climb of the 7.5km eastern steps from Yúngǔ Station (890m) to White Goose Ridge (白鹅峰; Bái’é Fēng; 1770m) can be done in 2½ hours. The route is pleasant, but lacks the awesome geological scenery of the western steps. In spring wild azalea and weigela add gorgeous splashes of colour to the wooded slopes of the mountain.

Much of the climb is comfortably shaded and although it can be tiring, it’s a doddle compared with the western steps. Slow-moving porters use the eastern steps for ferrying up their massive, swaying loads of food, drink and building materials, so considerable traffic plies the route. While clambering up, note the more ancient flight of steps that makes an occasional appearance alongside the newer set.

Purists can extend the eastern steps climb by several hours by starting at the Front Gate (黄山大门; Huángshān Dàmén), where a stepped path crosses the road at several points before linking with the main eastern steps trail.