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It's increasingly difficult to obtain residence and work permits for Chile. Consequently, many foreigners do not bother to do so, but the most reputable employers will insist on the proper visa. If you need one, go to the Departamento de Extranjería (02-550-2484; Agustinas 1235, Santiago; 8:30am-2pm Mon-Fri).

It is not unusual for visiting travelers to work as English-language instructors in Santiago. Industries with an international trading focus, such as salmon farming and fishmeal processing, have a growing need for English-language instruction. Puerto Montt has a number of language schools. Wages aren't very good, and full-time employment is hard to come by without a commitment to stay for some time.

Business hours

Shops in Chile open by 9am, but they often close at about 1pm for two to three hours for lunch then reopen until 8pm or 9pm. Government offices and businesses have a more conventional 9am to 6pm schedule. Banks are open 9am to 2pm weekdays. Restaurant and bar hours are more unpredictable, differing from establishment to establishment.

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