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Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Getting around

Outside Hanga Roa, nearly the entire east coast road and the road to Anakena are paved. Side roads to some of the archaeological sites are not paved, but most are in decent enough condition.

If you walk, ride a mountain bike or motorcycle around the island, carry extra food and water, since neither is easily available outside Hanga Roa.

Car & motorcycle

Some hotels and agencies rent Suzuki 4WDs for US$50 to US$60 per eight-hour day, and US$60 to US$85 for 24 hours; locals may charge less - ask at residenciales (budget accommodations) or at Sernatur tourist office. Hotels and agencies generally accept credit cards, but private individuals will expect US cash. A word of warning: insurance is not usually included. Make sure the car has all the necessary fixings should a tire go flat (which is not uncommon).

Motorcycles are rented for about US$35 per eight hours or US$50 a day.

Gasoline costs less than it does on the continent, so it's not a major expense for the island's relatively short distances.

You can contact the following outfits, which are based in Hanga Roa.

Mana Nui Rent a Car (551-658, 100-811; Av Atamu Tekena s/n)

Oceanic Rapa Nui Rent a Car (100-985; Av Atamu Tekena s/n)

Rent a Car Insular (100-480; Av Atamu Tekena s/n)

Rent-a-Car Moira (100-718; Av Te Pito o Te Henua s/n)

Tekena Inn Rent a Car (100-366; Av Atamu Tekena s/n)

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Local transport


Taxis cost a flat US$3 for most trips around town. Longer trips can be negotiated, with the cost depending mainly on the time. For example, a round-trip to the beach at Anakena costs US$20 (per taxi); be sure to arrange for the taxi driver to pick you up at a predetermined time.

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Mountain bikes are readily available in Hanga Roa for about US$11 to US$16 per eight hours or US$16 to US$25 per day.

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