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Money and costs

The local currency is the Chilean peso (CH$). A number of businesses on Rapa Nui, especially residenciales, hotels and rental agencies, accept US cash (and euros, albeit at a pinch). Travellers from Tahiti must bring US cash (or euros) as Tahitian currency is not accepted.

ATMs Easter Island has only three ATMs, one of which accepts only MasterCard. Don't rely solely on your credit card and make sure you keep some cash in reserve.

Credit cards Many residenciales, hotels, restaurants and tour agencies accept credit cards.

Moneychangers There are two banks and an exchange office in Hanga Roa. US dollars are the best foreign currency to carry, followed by euros. Note that exchange rates on Easter Island are slightly lower than those offered in mainland Chile.

Taxes All prices are inclusive of tax.

Tipping and bargaining Tipping and bargaining are not traditionally part of Polynesian culture.