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Central African Republic


Visas are required by most visitors and cost around US$65 for 30 days. Where there is no CAR embassy, visas can generally be obtained from the French embassy, but for certain nationalities (including Australians, New Zealanders and the Irish) the embassy may have no authority to issue visas, or may first have to radio Bangui for approval. This takes time.

Visa extensions

Because you pay the full price of a new visa, getting a visa extension is an expensive hassle. The immigration office is about 1km up the hill to the north of the Presidential Palace in Bangui. Ask for directions at the army post behind the palace.

Visas for onward travel

Visas for some neighbouring countries might be obtained in Bangui.

Cameroon Visas are required by all and must be bought prior to arrival in the country. Visas are issued at the Cameroonian embassy in Bangui and cost around US$60.

Chad Everybody except nationals of some central and west African countries needs a visa to visit Chad. Visas are not available at the airport or borders, and must be arranged in advance. Costs for 30-day visas can be as high as US$100 for some nationalities.

Congo All visitors to Congo need a visa. You can buy a 15-day, multiple-entry visa on arrival for approximately US$70, but you must have your yellow fever certificate with you. A one-month visa costs US$120 if bought at an embassy; visa applications in Bangui can be issued the same day or by the next day.

Democratic Republic of Congo All visitors to the DRC need a visa. If flying into Kinshasa it is essential to get a visa beforehand. These cost approximately US$75 for a one-month, single-entry visa, or US$135 for a 60-day, multiple-entry tourist visa. If crossing by land you can often get a visa at the border within 24 hours.

Sudan Everyone except Egyptians need a visa (most people pay US$160, and if there is evidence of travel to Israel you will be denied).