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Canary Islands


Yes, it really is like a permanent spring in the Canary Islands, with a particularly benign climate putting a smile on your face as soon as you hit the tarmac. Mean temperatures range from 18°C in the winter to about 24°C in summer. Daily highs can easily reach the mid-30s in summer. Even on a hot day at the beach, however, it can be pleasantly cool higher up, and the snow atop Teide is a clear enough reminder that, in winter at any rate, some warm clothing is essential.

When to go

When it comes to sunshine, the Canary Islands are caught in a kind of weather warp, with an eternal spring-summer climate. They’re a year-round destination; you can pretty much take your pick of when to go.

The winter months – December to March – are a tad cooler but still paradise compared to mainland Europe, the UK and most of North America. This makes winter the islands’ busiest period. The summer months –July to September – are a rival high season, mainly because that’s when mainland Spaniards elect to go on their annual holiday. The Carnaval season (February/March) is an intensely popular period, when anyone and everyone decides to partake in the fun.

For maximum value on airfares and accommodation, the best periods are from November to mid-December and, better still, April to June (with the notable exception of the Easter rush). The latter especially is a great time to be around.