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Canada Branch FAQ

This thread is intended to contain information useful to people travelling to Canada - please feel free to add anything relevant to it! Before we start though, here's some advice from the TT team:

1. Do a TT search! At least five posters a week ask what to do in Toronto, whether to go visit Niagara Falls on their way around the world, and whether it's possible to work under the table/overstay a tourist visa. The road is well travelled. Find those threads, add a reply (which brings the topic to…


UK to Canada via Iceland

Hello :)
My flight out to Iceland from the UK is at 6:30am (gmt) and I land in Iceland 8:30am (also gmt). I then have 2 hours to make my Toronto flight, leaving at 10:30am. I have never swapped flights before so I'm kinda new to this connection malarkey, will I be ok to make the flight?
Without sounding too dumb/naive/ignorant, how does it work? Do I walk off the plane, queue up to show my passport and then have to go back round again as if starting from the beginning? Or, does the queue bit…


Getting to Nelson House, Manitoba, CA

Hi people,

I am planning on travelling to Manitoba, Canada in June 2015. More specifically, I am trying to make my way to Nelson House, in the Northen Territories. After doing some research, I found that the nearest town is Thompson. I would assume that the closest major city would be Winnipeg. I am from Malaysia, so would like to find out the best and quickest way to get there.

Which airlines fly into Thompson? Which major city do i need to get to first? From Thompson, what are my options…

coast to coast

Hello everybody,
I'm planning to ride my bike through canada from the east coast to the west (montreal - vancouver), i saw there is a route that cross it and it's bike friendly.
I plan to camp with a tent, in order to spare money as much as possible, is that free camping prohibited there? If so, what is the average price for a night in a camping site?
Moreover, is there free running water along this route?
I'm trying to calculate the approximate cost of this trip, would you try to help me?