Holding it in for hockey


The gold-medal hockey game between the Canada and the USA was the stuff of legend in the Great White North. Saddled with the weight of expectation, the Canadian hockey team was in danger of losing all its momentum as it gave up a 2-0 lead with seconds left.

But the Americans fell to their northern neighbour in overtime, resulting in a celebration that stretched from Nova Scotia to the Yukon.

How glued were the Canadians to their TV screens during their match? Pat Kiernan of Pat's Papers has uncovered a startling illumination: a graph of water consumption in Edmonton.

The graph depicts clear spikes in water usage during the breaks between periods and remarkably low consumption during actual play. An obvious conclusion is that viewers were too busy watching the action for such trivialities as going to the bathroom. It's a fascinating insight into a national obsession.

Click here for the graphic and article at Pat's.

What do you think - understandable megalomania or kinda creepy?