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Cineforum information

Toronto , Canada
463 Bathurst St
+1 416 603 6643
Getting there
Tram: 506, 511
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over/under 24yr $20/10
Opening hours
screenings 7pm & 9pm Sat-Thu
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Though there have been a few attempts to shut it down, an off-the-wall experience (or perhaps on -the-wall) still awaits at Cineforum. Irascible Torontonian character Reg Hartt wraps posters around telephone poles advertising his cinema – the front room of his house where he showcases classic and avant-garde films. Animation retrospectives are his specialty, as are Salvador Dalí prints. Come prepared for idiosyncratic lectures designed to expand your consciousness (like ‘What I Learned from LSD’), sometimes delivered while movies are playing. Seats 20; bring your own food and drink.